BTUs & Heating Capacity Considerations for Your Home

Learn the Truth about Heating Capacity and BTUs

BTU (British thermal unit) is a commonly used calculation in the hearth industry. Published BTU numbers reflect the energy produced by a heating appliance and are often used to calculate the estimated room size that an appliance can effectively heat. While helpful, it’s important to understand that these estimated, often “best case scenario” BTU and heat output calculations, may not be applicable for all homes, in all climates.

Your geographic location, along with home style, age, window quality and insulation are just a few of the many factors that play a role in determining the actual heat output of a hearth product in your home. Additional factors, like fuel type, grade and moisture content can also impact heat output of a wood or pellet-burning appliance.

To determine the heat output you can expect from a specific appliance, we recommend consulting with your local Hearth Expert. With a clear understanding of variables relevant to your location and unique home, they will be able to help make sure you are selecting the right hearth product for your home.

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