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  • The Evolution of Gas Fireplaces
    From traditional to modern inspired styles, there’s no question that gas fireplaces are evolving into multi-dimensional works of art. We’ve taken a look at some growing trends with gas fireplace designs and selected a few of our favorites that have caught our eye.

    For traditional-styled fireplaces, realism is the name of the game and leading manufacturers like Heat & Glo and Heatilator are focusing on adding even more realistic features like enhanced flame appearance, realistic logs, glowing embers, and accent lighting. The Heatilator Novus NXT and the Heat & Glo 6000 Series gas fireplaces so closely replicate real wood-burning fireplaces, its hard to tell the difference!

    Heatilator Novus NXT

    Heat & Glo 6000

    From a contemporary and modern-style perspective, homeowners, architects and home builders have warmed up to fireplaces as “fire-art,” complete with lustrous flames and clean designs. The Heat & Glo Cosmo and RED Series are great examples, with their linear flames and multiple choices for fronts.

    Looking for a statement piece? Then you will love the Heat & Glo Solaris. This circular fireplace features razor burn technology and sleek flames that appear to dance into infinity. This fireplace is a show-stopper!

    Heat & Glo RED Series

    Heat & Glo Solaris

    For creating a robust, contemporary living space both inside and outside of the home, the Heat & Glo Twilight is your fireplace. The Twilight is the world's first indoor and outdoor see-thru fireplace that allows you to add the warmth and beauty of a clean burning fireplace to two living spaces at once.

    Interested in creating a chic outdoor living room? Then the Carolina fireplace is for you. This beautiful, fully featured gas fireplace will be the focal point of any outdoor living space with its custom finish capabilities and realistic fire.

    Heat & Glo Twilight II

    Heat & Glo Carolina

    Whatever your style, there is sure to be a gas fireplace that will fit perfectly within your unique home. Be sure to check out our post titled Lower Heating Bills and Increase Efficiency to learn more about the financial benefits of adding a gas fireplace to your home.


    Featured Fireplace
    Heat & Glo LUX Gas Fireplace Series
    The LUX delivers custom looks—without custom costs or installation hassles. Colorful flames rise through sculpted stainless steel while a reflective black glass interior multiplies the fire and radiates the flames. It's an innovative blend of technology, design and safety that creates modern art, on fire.


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