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  • Harman Pellet Stove Winner Delighted with New Stove!
    Congratulations to Lauren from Edgartown, Mass., who has won a Harman Accentra pellet stove and a year’s worth of pellet fuel! Lauren was one of 7,000 people from across the country that entered the “Win Free Green Heat” contest sponsored by Harman Stoves and

    “Since we already had an older pellet stove, we replaced it with the new Harman. We are surprised at how much more efficient it is. With the old stove, we used to go through a bag and a half of pellets a day, but with the Harman we barely go through one bag and it heats an entire level of our house – about 1200 square feet.”

    Oil prices are on the rise again and the pain at the pumps is real, and predicted to get worse at $4 and $5 per gallon. Home heating costs are also rising, with the highest reported prices in the fuel oil and propane fuel categories.

    Lauren is on her way to saving thousands of dollars a year by heating her home with pellets. Today’s pellet stoves are attractive, easy to operate and efficient. They burn cleaner than cord wood, gas or oil and have high heating efficiencies and low emissions. Pellet heat is a sensibly priced, viable heating solution.

    Pellet stoves, like the Harman Accentra that Lauren won, help homeowners live greener lifestyles too. They burn renewable pellet fuel, which is generally made from recycled wood byproducts called pellets. Pellets are low-carbon and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many homeowners are discovering pellets are an alternative to fossil fuels such as heating oil, propane and natural gas. They are also cost-stable, which is definitely not the case for fossil fuels.

    Thinking about switching to a pellet stove or appliance? Now is the time! The federal government is rewarding consumers who make the switch to clean, green heat with a tax credit. Consumers who purchase and install a qualifying pellet burning appliance before December 31, 2011 can receive a tax credit of 10 percent of the cost of the product, up to $500.

    To browse popular pellet stove models, or to find a dealer near check out our dealer locator.


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